Garage Essential Kit


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  • 1 litre Jumbo Foam
  • 1 litre Interior Cleaner
  • 1 litre Vinyl Protect Inside
  • 1 litre Vinyl – Tyre Shine
  • 1 litre Window Cleaner

We’ve transformed the way vehicles are washed with our Simple 2 Step process!
In less than 20 mins your vehicles shine will be restored leaving behind a protective layer on your paintwork that forms a repellent to water, protecting your vehicles paintwork.
Dirt and grime are absorbed into the foam and lifted away from the paintwork with a high-pressure washer, limiting contact protecting from scratching and swirl marks created by sponges.

Benefits of our Soap
• No Acid
• Huge Reduction in wash cost & time
• No swirl marks or paint work scratching
• Biodegradable
• Trucks: Wont effect your Polished Alloy
• Superior high gloss finish