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This is a modern, non-toxic agent which allows effortless cleaning of aluminium.


70ML – 100 ML
method only uses 70ml – 100ml per passenger vehicle
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Alloy cleaner

3 Step Alloy Cleaner is a modern Non-toxic cleaning agent which allows effortless cleaning of aluminium.
Free from corrosive acids and totally safe in use. It perfectly removes rust, sediment stone and iron along with other minerals dirt. THOROUGHLY CLEANS METALS IN PARTICULAR ALIMINIUM
Step 1: Spray / apply FOAMIT Alloy cleaner to the desired area (recommended to try on test area first)
Step 2: Using a Hard bristle brush in a circular motion, scrub area
Step 3: High Pressure Wash Clean
Caution when using ALLOY Cleaner, insure you always Use the Correct PPE

Thoroughly cleans metals, in particularĀ aluminium. pH Ā± 2,20

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 30 cm