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Suttner Foamer – ST73

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Easy Foam Lance ST73 – Suttner


  • A nozzle that operates in vertical or horizontal positions
  • Metering valve for chemical mix settings.
  • Wide mouther, easy to fill bottle with fill/mix markings on the side and grip for easy bottle changing.
  • Stainless steel non-corrosive injector nozzle, cutting chemical consumption by over 50%

Perfect for more effective cleaning in industry, agriculture, automotive, fleet, institutional and food processing!

You only need to make 2 choices to select the correct Foamer size:

  1. Do I want to use a 1 Litre or 2 Litre bottle
  2. What nozzle size suits my pressure washer

To help identify models:

  • Most 13Hp Gear Box Drive, or old technology Belt Drive machines, run at 3000 Psi and 15 or 21 l/min. (ie 1.50 or 1.80)
  • Most 13 to 15 Hp Direct Drive machines run at 4000 Psi and 15 l/min (ie 1.25)